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Globe High School Class of 1958

50 Year Reunion - 2008

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Globe High School 50th reunion for the class of 1958 was great. Now come to the September 28, 2018 Multi-class Reunion. Come to the Multi-class Reunion scheduled for October 28-29, 2018. Click and read the details.

September 2008 was our 50th reunion and we hope you and your friends from the 40's and 50's injoyed the event. The class of 1958 finally got our chickens together and we're making it easy and inexpensive to come. to our reunion. We're inviting the classes that where in GHS when we were there.. There is no registration fee and we won't load you up with any memorabilia to take home and throw away. Just answer our email with a yes or no. We have a hospitality room at the Apache Gold Casino for Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning, September 28 & 29. We well open at 3:00 Friday. Pop, lemonade, water and some cookies and snacks will be furnished. But you might want to bring along your favorite snack to share. Please bring your own beer and liquor.

Bring bathing suits and golf clubs. The motel at the casino has a new pool, and I know Don Hogue will take on all comers for a round of golf. Please spread the word to those people in other classes that might want to come. Bring your old best friend or your new best friend. Please spread the word. We would really like to see everyone that was in high school when we were. On Saturday night, we will have a pay-as-you go dinner at Chalos. Mark September 28-29 on your calendar.

This is your web site so please submit photos and articles to the webmaster. The tiger is listed as an Endangered species by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and it appears we are part of this - as we, the class of 1958, are now endangered. Of all the tigers - whether you are Tiger Woods, the Flying Tigers, a butterfly tiger, a tiger snake, or a Panthera tiger - we are the best of the tigers. We had a true sense of loyalty to our school and community. We had hopes, dreams and a sweet innocence. Now we shall return to find all the other tigers from our youth.

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